Professional Staff in AFA Co.

Pooyandegan Asre Etelaate Sepahan Co

Specific Name: AFA

Official Issue No.: 25069

Company Type: Ltd.


Unit 224, No. 171, Qadir Bld., Esfahan’s Science &ResearchTown,Bistodoye

Bahman St., Bozorgmehr

Ave., Esfahan, Iran.

Research and Development Location:

Unit 225, No. 171, Qadir Bld., Esfahan’s Science &

Research Town, Bistodoye Bahman St.,

Bozorgmehr Ave., Esfahan, Iran

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Tel: Tel: 0098311-2658311-5 Ext. 145

Fax: 0098311-2658310


Board of Directors

Bateni Vahid        (Board of Directors President)

Mahdi Hoghoghi (Vise President)

Bateni Saeid         (Chief Executive)



Integration of non-integrated systems

Presentation of comprehensive ICT solutions to non-integrated Systems

Production of professional web-based Softwares

Design and production of professional data systems

Technical and commercial research in the area of ICT



Performing Iran’s extensive Electronic Kindergartens Project (EKP) (

Performing Real Estates and Landed Properties Project

Carrying out a project on the practical plan for the hazards taking place at workplaces for Esfahan’s Job Organization

Studying a practical project on a comprehensive plan of ICT in Esfahan’s Job Organization.

Preparing an extensive portal for Technical Engineering Faculty of Golpayegan University Live Broadcasting of Venus in Esfahan University for the first time in the Middle East

Holding 5 seminars on National Linux

Preparing and designing 100 websites for organizations, state and private companies 


Ongoing activities

Submitting an action plan about Rural Electronic Kindergarten project to UNESCO

Connecting rural kindergartens located in 21 rural areas to the Electronic Kindergarten Network (EKN)

Conducting practical research to design a comprehensive IT network for Job Agencies



The Objectives of Establishing EKN
State Welfare Organization (SWO) plays an integral role in Iranian government. It is aimed at improving social life at various levels for different age groups, from baby-care consultation to addict rehabilitation. Moreover, all of the Iranian kindergartens are under the supervision of SWO. EKN was primarily established to provide an easy and convenient service to Iranian citizens. This efficient network facilitates the interaction and connection among SWO (Child & Adolescent Center), kindergarten, family, and other state and private organizations active in child affairs. EKN’s additional advantage is in paving the way for Electronic Government, which is the buzzword slogan for Iranian Eighth Cabinet.


Definition of Electronic Kindergarten (EK)
EK is defined as a kindergarten that gives and/or receives service in EKN.
Services and Interactions in EKN  
The interactions and services of EKN are classified into four main categories:
Class 1: Services from SWO to EKs
Class 2: Intra-organizational services
Class 3: Services from EK to family
Class 4: Services from other organizations active in child affairs


Professional Staff in AFA Co.





 Board of Directors President

BA in Computer

Bateni Vahid

Vise President

Mahdi Hoghoghi


Chief Executive

BA in IT

Bateni Saeid

Technical Manager

BA in Software

Alenosh Baghomiyan

Education Manager

BA in IT

Bateni Vahid

System Development Manager

Commercial Management

Barqi Jamal


MA in Computer

Golmohamadi Mahdi


BA in Software

Baghumian Armen

 Stockholder  BA in Industrial Management Bateni Masoud



Barghi Rasool